How to Catch a Break as a Stay-at-Home Mom

How to Catch a Break as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Hey Momma. You are pretty incredible, you know that? You are hard-working and super cool and so, so important.

Can I be vulnerable with you for a minute? (Seeing as I can’t actually hear you as I type this, I’m just gonna go ahead and assume you answered “yes.”) My first 2 years as a mom were the hardest of my life. I didn’t have a support system, I was dealing with major undiagnosed depression and anxiety, and I thought my struggles were completely my fault. I was convinced I wasn’t cut out to be a mom. Mothering my beautiful son, who should have brought me immeasurable joy, sent me into a state of panic and desperation almost daily.

Something needed to change. I needed help. I needed to take care of myself.

And I needed a break.

So I turned to Pinterest (the fount of all knowledge, obviously), desperate for some ideas to help me and my son. And that’s when I first came across what would be my sanity’s saving grace:

Independent play.

Independent play is this radical idea that your child can learn to participate in structured activities alone for a period of time and YOU don’t have to be an arm’s reach away for all of eternity. (I’m exaggerating, obviously. Well, sort of.) It’s a specific activity that both teaches and encourages creativity. I was a little skeptical that TJ would respond well, but at this point I was willing to give anything a try.

Days of learning, planning, and experimenting later, I started implementing some simple, educational activities for my toddler to encourage independent play. And this amazing thing happened. It actually worked.

It didn’t happen overnight, and of course TJ still had his moments (and days…) when he needed me 100%. But little by little, he began responding to independent activities. My vivacious, demanding, whirlwind toddler started engaging in activities by himself, freeing up my energy to get things done or just rest when I needed it.  I was happier, my toddler was happier, and our home was happier. It was exactly what I needed.

Okay, long story is long. Why am I telling you all of this?

catch-a-breakI’m telling you this because I think some of you out there may be in a similar situation: where you’re trying to do it all and just feeling like you’re spread too thin.

Even if you’re not spinning your wheels every day like I was, you may have moments where you just need a break. Even if being home with your kids is the most amazing thing to ever happen to you, you may still have times where you’re at your wit’s end. I get it. I so get it.

And that’s why I started working on my eBook, Just Give Me 10 Minutes! Because parenting is joyous and rewarding and HARD, and raising toddlers is not for the faint of heart! I spent months compiling all of my favorite independent play ideas into 40 easy-to-make, portable, educational activities for your little one (and for YOU). I’ve put hundreds of hours into making this resourse everything you might need. Seriously. Hundreds. Of. Hours. That’s 40 activities. Photos, instructions, variations, material lists, and indexes. Countless hours of educational, independent play.

Just Give me 10 minutes book

But I loved every minute, because I knew this resource was going to empower other moms who are in a similar place that I was. (Well… okay, I maybe didn’t love every minute. Formatting can be a b*tch. But you get my point.)

ebook busy bags preview

If you’re ready to encourage independence in your munchkin, give them awesome fun activities that teach them too, AND give yourself a much-needed break, Just Give Me 10 Minutes! is an amazing resource here to help you and your family.

Still have questions? Lay ’em on me, yo. I would LOVE to answer anything on your mind. Fire away.

What about you? What are some of your favorite ways to catch a break as a mom?

How to Catch a Break as a Stay-at-Home Mom

How to Catch a Break as a Stay-at-Home Mom
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  • Sandra Negron says:

    Being a mom is tough, being a single mom without a support system is even harder! I’m speaking from experience. It’s nice to know that there’s people like you sharing your helpful tips to make being a mom a little easier

  • candy says:

    I am not a mother, but I am thankful that there is support out there for mothers and I especially love that we have the internet now to bond and connect with others who may be in a similar situation. Congrats on your ebook!!! 🙂

  • Glenny says:

    Congrats on your ebook!! I’m not a mom yet but I could see how exhausting it can be to ensure you have your own time to just collect yourself as well as spending time with your little one(s). I’m sure a lot of mothers out there will be thankful for this book!!

  • Candace says:

    As much as I would love to spend every second of every day with my children, there are other things I must tend to other than just being a mother, so I will definitely be using some independent play to get those things done! I am glad TJ responded well to this as well. Such a great idea for an eBook!

  • I am not a mom yet, but I think these are very helpful tips! Good luck with you ebook!

  • Sheree says:

    I’m a stay at home mom too and this is something I need to read for sure!! I love all the ideas for independent play that keeps the kids busy so moms can sit down and breathe a little.

    xo Sheree

  • JM Kayne says:

    I’m not a mother yet, but I feel you girl! It’s exhausting but for sure rewarding I have been seeing a lot of my friends sharing such emotion. Congratualtions on your e-book! Such a good way to actually express and share it to fellow moms!

    God bless!
    JM Kayne

  • Lana says:

    I love that philosophy and will try to implement it when I’ll be mother too, I know how it is important to take your own time! Will check you eBook for sure

  • Congratulations on your ebook!! That is such an amazing effort to do!!! I’m not a human baby mama, but I am a fur baby mama and its just as much hard work with a human baby :)) this is just an amazing book and you should be so proud of yourself xx

  • Nina says:

    This book looks like it would be so essential to moms! Independent play sounds like a great idea to teach children how to be independent!

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